Week 7 Blog Post Assignment – Fitting the Pieces Together

Blog Assignment: Fitting the Pieces Together
Week 7
In week one of our class we reflected on how we learn based on the learning theories.
I wrote the following on how I felt I learned according to the theories.
Behaviorist – I believe that it is important to master each step as I go about learning something new. I also think environmental issues are important and I learn best by repetition. I try to find a quiet place and I use index cards and I go over them repeatedly until I have memorized every card.
Cognitivism – I think I use this method by being well organized and structured. I also think I learn well by being hands-on and actively participating in the classroom with other students and the instructor. I also think it is important to build on prior knowledge. I am a huge believer in lifelong learning and have embraced formal education throughout my life.
Constructivism – I think I use this method by taking what I have learned in the past and meshing it with things I am currently learning about. I think life experience and our past is an important factor in how we learn.
• Now that you have a deeper understanding of the different learning theories and learning styles, how has your view on how you learn changed?
o I still believe in the Cognitism comments I made about being well organized as I have learned that in the Cognitive theory student by organizing information and have to have the right attitude and motivation.
o Reflecting on my Behaviorist comments I do not think I learn by reward and punishment. I think that small children may learn basic lessons this way but I do not believe that is accurate for an adult learner.
o Reflecting on the Constructivism comment I believe prior knowledge and experiences do play a role.

• What have you learned about the various learning theories and learning styles over the past weeks that can further explain your own personal learning preferences?
I think that we all possess different parts of all the learning styles. From taking an active role as in Cognitive Theory, to learning in a social setting like Social Learning Theory, to building on prior experience as in Constructivist Theory and sharing knowledge with others in Connectivism Theory.
• What role does technology play in your learning (i.e., as a way to search for information, to record information, to create, etc.)?
Technology is a huge part in my learning. I begin searching for a subject through a Google Search to read easily written materials.
I then take my research to the next level and do searches via the library website. Library Databases have been such a part of my academic career. Using technology to search for information and a PC with MS Word to organize my thought are an invaluable resource.



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