Week 2/Blog Assignment: Evaluating and Identifying Online Resources

This article outlines how to make students motivated to learn. The author suggests that giving students a choice in their own learning engages them in their own learning process. That by including students that “teachers make learning memorable when students are more evolved and motivated to participate.”

I think this a great article and offers good information.
WILSON, D., CONYERS, M., & ROSE, K. (2015). Rethinking Learning Potential. Independent School, 75(1), 50.

This article looks at “how the brain learns, stores, and uses information”. The article says that we learn better when things are taught to us in smaller increments. As in the reading we have done for class the article said that the brain “remembers the first part and the last part” of information and that the “middle period of learning should be filled with the least important information.”

The article stresses that we do not learn when multitasking. That we learn best by sharing, writing and drawing, and verbalizing with others.
VAN DAM, N. (2013). INSIDE THE LEARNING BRAIN. T+D, 67(4), 30.



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